A frame-mounted road gritter PM 6-01 (01 ED-01)

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The road gritter can be mounted on the frame of the following vehicles: KamAZ-55111, KamAZ-53215, KamAZ-53228, KamAZ-53229.

It is possible to manufacture road gritters for the vehicles Ural, ZIL-130 and 131, KrAZ according to the Customer’s technical task.

Purchase a frame-mounted road gritter PM 6-01 (01 ED-01) from the company Komdor. We have partners in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Minsk and Smolensk, there you can always purchase road gritters at affordable cost, and also all the necessary spare parts for our road gritters. To order frame-mounted road gritters with delivery, please fill in the form at the top of this page.


Base vehicle modelMAZ 5337 10t
Hopper capacity, cubic metres4,6
Gritter’s lifting capacity, tons7,4
The mass of the gritter, kg1970
Maintenance staff, people1
Optimal operating speed, km/h40
The type of drivehydraulic
The type of conveyor2-catenary drag
The number of impellers, pieces1
Treatable area, metresup to 12
Electro-proportional operation from the vehicle cab
Anti-icing mixture proportioning, g/sq.m40-400